Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks 2.0


5 Days


Before taking this offering, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Understand network fundamentals
  • Implement LANs
  • Implement Internet connectivity

Course Content

The Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) training deepens your knowledge of designing enterprise networks. Topics covered include enterprise network design, including protocols and media for wired and wireless networks, SD-Access, VPN, Quality of Service (QoS), IPv6, and network programmability.

Course Outline

  • Designing EIGRP routing
  • Designing OSPF routing
  • Designing IS-IS routing
  • Designing BGP routing and redundancy
  • Exploring BGP Address Families and Attributes
  • Designing an Enterprise Campus LAN
  • Designing Layer 2 Campus
  • Designing a Layer 3 Campus
  • Discovering the Cisco SD-Access Architecture
  • Exploring Cisco SD-Access Fabric Design
  • Exploring Cisco SD-Access Site Design Strategy and Considerations
  • Discovering Service Provider-Managed VPNs
  • Designing Enterprise-Managed VPNs
  • Designing WAN Resiliency
  • Examining Cisco SD-WAN Architectures
  • Examining Cisco SD-WAN Deployment Design Considerations
  • Examining Cisco SD-WAN—NAT and Hybrid Design Considerations
  • Designing Cisco SD-WAN Routing and High Availability
  • Exploring QoS
  • Designing LAN and WAN QoS
  • Introducing Multicast
  • Exploring Multicast with PIM-SM
  • Designing Rendezvous Point Distribution Solutions
  • Designing an IPv4 Address Plan
  • Exploring IPv6
  • Deploying IPv6
  • Introducing Network APIs and Protocols
  • Exploring YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF, and Model-Driven Telemetry

Who Should Attend

  • Network design engineers
  • Network engineers
  • System administrators
CCNP, Enterprise