SDN Fundamentals: The Future of Networking

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Content

For the past 20 years, networking has not been able to quickly respond to changing business demands. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) promises to change that. SDN empowers the business to control network behavior by emphasizing the software application instead of the network infrastructure. In this interactive course, you will learn what SDN is and how it is rapidly changing the future of networking.

• Allow more efficient provisioning of new services and applications
• Affect your role in your organization
• Reduce configuration time and errors
• Enhance security
• Enhance cloud computing

What You’ll Learn

• SDN and its impact in the industry
• Business and technical challenges that SDN solves
• How SDN enhances cloud computing
• How SDN impacts your organization, your team, and you

Course Outline

Network Complexity and the Need for SDN
• What Is a Network?
• Growing Network Complexity
• Technical Challenges of Complex Networks
• Looking for a Solution

SDN: A New Solution
• What is SDN?
• The Planes
• SDN Controllers
• Communication Flows

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
• Overlays
• Exercise: SDN Controllers vs. Network Functions Virtualization

Deeper Dive into SDN
• Imperative vs. Declarative SDN
• NFV Overlay Network Technologies
• Southbound Interfaces
• Northbound Interfaces
• Open-Source SDN Projects

The SDN Landscape
• Categorizing SDN Solutions
• Identifying Providers

Business Processes and SDN
• DevOps
• Change Management
• Six Sigma
• Scrum
• Agile

Business and Technical Challenges Solved by SDN
• Your Challenges
• Other Business and Technical Challenges

Cloud Computing and SDN
• What is Cloud Computing?
• What is Cloud Networking?
• How Does SDN Enhance the Cloud?

SDN Impact on Applications
• Today vs. Tomorrow
• Network Visibility and Control
• Application Examples

Your Role in SDN
• Adopting SDN: Pros and Cons
• IT Managers
• Application Administrators
• Security Administrators
• Server Virtualization and Cloud Administrators
• Network Administrators
Exercise: Identifying SDN Solutions to Business/Technical Challenges

Who Should Attend

Those interested in a high-level understanding of what SDN is and how it will change your business and the networking landscape