About Us

CCLearning(晨宇汇佳)是一家在国际上具有良好声誉的信息技术管理、规划培训机构,是Cisco、F5、Red Hat、EXIN 等多家顶级IT厂商的全球授权培训合作伙伴,也是考试认证机构VUE和Prometric授权的考试中心。


作为F5 Networks中国唯一授权培训合作伙伴及考试中心,CClearning提供全方位的F5培训解决方案。


CCLearning作为领先的知识服务提供商,专注国际前沿IT技术发展和IT管理思想 实践,整合和转化多厂商及开放IT技术,为用户提供跨厂商、场景化、基于方案的技术培训和管理方法培训及咨询服务。


1. 服务 CCLearning重视每一位客户的需求。自报名开始,我们的课程顾问就会全程追踪服务,确认需求、日程安排、差旅一直到服务反馈,保证服务的交付水准,给客户完整的服务体验。 CCLearning同样重视为客户提供的内容。我们提供的课程,都基于丰富的IT培训经验和深刻的IT行 业洞察力,根据行业趋势为客户整合最佳方案,保障客户在技术引入和人员培训的投资回报。

2. 师资 CCLearning的老师不仅有授权的授课资质和丰富的教学经验,更具有丰富的项目实践经验,通过实践 分享帮助学员掌握要领。

3. 厂商支持 CCLearning具备完善的世界顶级厂商的支持,获得了多家世界顶级IT厂商,如思科、微软、IBM、Oracle、F5、 Red Hat 等的授权合作,第一时间获取最新最尖的技术和知识,为客户提供最前沿的学习资料。


CClearning is an IT and Information technology management, planning and training agency that has earned a fine international reputation. It provides hardware manufacturers with technical certification, software, management and corporate training, and individual users with certification examinations and services.
CClearning  entered the Asian market in 2004 and has established training centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, etc., in order to continuously provide senior professionals to the IT industry.
At present, CClearning  is the authorized global training partner of Cisco, Red Hat, F5, Exin, Symantec and other similar top IT manufacturers and test centers authorized by examination and certification institutes such as VUE and Prometric. In Asia, it provides over 300 technologies and certification training courses in classrooms set up as per the standards specified by the manufacturers. The lectures are all given by senior authentication lecturers.
At the same time, CClearning  also provides professional consultation and customized training services to large businesses in numerous industries such as IT, telecoms, finance, government and education, and offers prospective support on the basis of clients’ business development and IT industry trends.

Reasons to choose us:

 1 We have a better understanding of IT. 

In an era in which technologies are leading a revolution, choosing which IT technology to assist the business or individual is the key to success. Based on our rich IT training experience and insights, CC Learning can provide companies and individuals with invaluable consultation and training services, thereby laying a solid foundation for future success.

2 Perfect manufacturer support. 

CC Learning does not only obtain the training authorization for all the relevant IT or management institutes, but it also continuously obtains manufacturer’s support as regards constantly changing technology updates, takes the lead in the mastery of technological changes, and thus provides companies and individuals with the latest training content, consultation and advice..

3 Sufficient technology reserves.

At CC Learning, all training lecturers must go through authorized manufacturer training and have a rich working experience, so as to provide the clients with unique training experience and benefits during the training session. By setting up the laboratory above the manufacturers’ standards, CC Learning guarantees that every one of its students will gain from the training.

4 Considerate delivery of services.

Every client is important to CC Learning. We choose the best spots in the city to deliver the lectures and guarantee to meet the clients’ facility, transport and safety requirements, as well as the accommodation needs of clients coming from afar; from the moment you sign up to the course, our course advisors will follow-up in full, guaranteeing a smooth schedule, itinerary, course feedback and the delivered training service.

5 Broader development space

For a business, choosing CC Learning means choosing a reliable, loyal and cooperative knowledge and skills management partner. For individuals, meanwhile, CC Learning offers the best possible career development opportunities. In the past ten years, CC Learning has earned continuous recognition and recommendations from corporate and individual clients alike, and will continue to perform at the top of its game.