Course Duration:

3 Days


It is recommended, but not required, to have the following skills and knowledge before attending this course:

  • Data Center Experience
  • Operating systems and virtualization experience
  • Understanding of server system design and architecture
  • Familiarity with cloud concepts and n-tier application designing
  • Familiarity with Cisco UCS, networking and storage concepts

Course Content

The Delivering Hybrid IT with Cisco CloudCenter (CLDCTR) v1.0 course shows you how to use Cisco CloudCenter™ to securely deploy and manage applications in multiple data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments. Through expert instruction and extensive hands-on learning, you can use key Cisco CloudCenter features to modernize and automate data centers or add public cloud application deployment to your service offerings. This course covers Cisco CloudCenter architecture; administrative capabilities, such as cloud management, multitenancy, governance, and policy enforcement; application modeling; and Cisco CloudCenter integration with Cisco UCS Director, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI), and private and public clouds. You.
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the business and technical challenges of going to the cloud
  • Understand the benefits of an application-centric hybrid cloud management platform
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter architecture
  • Understand Cisco CloudCenter administrative capabilities such as cloud management, multitenancy, governance, and policy enforcement
  • Describe application lifecycle management and provisioning in a cloud environment
  • Describe how to use Cisco CloudCenter to manage the workloads in a hybrid cloud

Course Outline

  • Section 1: Understanding Status Quo
  • Section 2: Understanding Cloud Readiness
  • Section 3: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center
  • Section 4: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Design
  • Section 5: Understaning Cisco Cloud Center GUI
  • Section 6: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Repositories
  • Section 7: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Delployment Environment
  • Section 8: Mapping Images in Cisco Cloud Center
  • Section 9: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Usage and Fee Structure
  • Section 10: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center User Administration
  • Section 11: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Applications
  • Section 12: Understanding Cisco Cloud Cloud Application Modeling
  • Section 13: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Runtime Management
  • Section 14: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Deployment Parameters
  • Section 15: Indroducing Cisco Cloud Center Advanced Parameters
  • Section 16: Understanding Cisco Cloud Center Application Deployment Lifecycle
  • Section 17: Introducing Cisco Cloud Center Services
  • Section 18: Deploying Applications in Cisco Cloud Center Hybrid Cloud
  • Section 19: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center – Cisco ACI
  • Section 20: Integrating Cisco Cloud Center – Cisco UCS Director
  • Section 21: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Application Management
  • Section 22: Benchmarking Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 23: Scheduling Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 24: Sharing Application in Cisco CloudCenter
  • Section 25: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Marketplace
  • Section 26: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter CICD
  • Section 27: Understanding Cisco CloudCenter Policies
  • Section 28: Introducing Cisco CloudCenter Governance

Who Should Attend

  • Cloud Engineers
  • Administrators
  • System Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Solution Architects