Course Overview

Wizards allow a user working with IBM SPSS Data Collection Author to walk through a series of pre-designed survey pages and in the process create dynamic survey content, or metadata, into their open survey. Acquiring the skills to create, verify and implement your own Wizards enables your organization to create Data Collection survey content without the IBM SPSS Data Collection Author users being exposed to unnecessary complex functionality. This course exposes you to the world of Wizards – how to create them, test them and finally deploy them – all in a ‘hands on’ environment. The course will introduce basic concepts and then build to the point where we introduce wizards whose functionality is outside the realm of the standard IBM SPSS Data Collection offerings. At the end of the course you will walk away with the ability to begin creating custom Wizard solutions for your environment.

Who Should Attend

This advanced course is for scriptwriters who will be responsible for writing, testing and ultimately distributing Wizard solutions for their IBM SPSS Data Collection Author users. It focuses on the creation of survey interviews and the scripting itself.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


Since the course focuses on survey scripting code, you should be highly proficient with the IBM SPSS Data Collection scripting language specifically IOM (the Interview Object Model). Additionally, you should be familiar with the IBM SPSS Data Collection Author Professional application.

Course Objectives

Please refer to course overview.

Course Content

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Wizards and how they are utilized
  • The procedures and best practices around creating a process to create, test, deploy and distribute Wizards
  • Creating a Wizard that inserts modified questions
  • Testing, troubleshooting and deploying the previously created Wizard solution
  • Creating and deploying a Wizard that inserts user-defined routing/logic
  • Creating and deploying a Wizard that inserts new user-defined questions
  • Creating and deploying a complete Wizard pulling together all the learning acquired from previous lessons
  • Understanding how to deploy Wizards outside of survey creation
  • Best Practices summary