Course Overview

IBM SPSS Survey Reporter (Base) is a two day instructor-led classroom basic course that teaches analysts using either the desktop or server version of IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter how to create and deliver reports from their survey data.
After covering key concepts surrounding data and table documents, you will begin building simple cross tabulation reports. You will quickly move on to learning how to build tables of increasing complexity and specificity using different question types, statistical summaries, filters, weights and display rules. You will learn how to manage, format, validate and annotate the output and ultimately how to export to the final deliverable.
NOTE: This training is not for the web based reporting tool known as IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Tabulation.

Who Should Attend

This basic course is for
  • Analysts using IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter to analyze their survey data (either collected through IBM SPSS Data Collection technology or other valid data formats).
  • Data Processing staff required to prepare and produce IBM SPSS Data Collection Table Documents for end users of IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have:
  • A reasonable grasp of survey question types and previous analysis experience are a great help to attendees.
  • If required, access to and an understanding of, Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 applications

Course Objectives

Please refer to course overview.

Course Content

Server Project Setup and Access
  • Definition: Interviewer Server Administration
  • Project Management
  • Working in a Shared Environment
Opening and Exploring Survey Reporter
  • Accessing Survey Reporter
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Analysis Methodology
Difference Between Datasets and Table Documents
  • Sources of Survey Data
  • The Table Document
  • Saving Analysis
Designing and Managing Tables
  • Aggregate table designs
  • Creating a Basic Frequency Table
  • Adding and Nesting Questions
  • Bulk Table Creation
  • Managing Tables
Publishing Results
  • Definition: Different Publishing Options
  • Printing Results
  • Exporting to Microsoft Office
  • Exporting to Web Pages
  • Exporting to Delimited Text File
Table Presentation
  • Definition: Headers and Footers
  • Assigning Headers and Footers
  • Table Properties
  • Definition: Table Properties
  • Cell Content Properties
  • Sorting Rows and Columns
  • Hiding Cells
  • Remember Table Annotations
  • Working with Grids
Definition: What Are Grid Questions
  • Creating Grid Questions
  • Tabulating Default Grid
  • Tabulating Transposed Grid
  • Tabulating Grid Slices
  • Editing Question Responses
  • Editing Questions
  • Editing Categorical Questions
  • Editing Numeric Questions
  • Editing Text Questions
  • Excluding Cases
Definition: Base Calculation
  • Filters
  • Creating an Interview Filter
  • Creating a Global Filter
  • Creating a Table Filter
  • Creating New Questions
  • Copying a Question
  • Merging Questions
  • Question with Derived Responses
  • Question from Existing Table Axis
  • Applying Weighting
Definition: What is Weighting
  • Weighting Tables
  • Advanced Weighting Options
  • Statistical Testing
Definition: What is Statistical Testing
  • Column Proportions and Means Testing
  • Listing Respondent Values
Definition: Profile Tables
  • Creating Profile Tables