Course Overview

IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Data Entry Module) (V7) is a one day course designed as an extension of the IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Base) (V7) course. It builds on the base knowledge acquired from that course with content and usage related to Data Entry based surveys. Key Data Entry survey concepts like custom codes, ‘skip and fills’ and verification routing are discussed. The course explains deployment and then covers the concept and process of using the Data Entry player to enter, validate and finally export data. The final section covers reporting on the Data Entry interactivity.

Who Should Attend

This basic course is for users of IBM SPSS Data Collection Author that need to create and deploy Data Entry surveys.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have:
  • Completed the IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Base) (V7) course
  • An understanding of the survey creation and the data collection processes would be helpful, but not required

Course Objectives

Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

Course Content

Lesson 1 – Introduction
  • Course Methodology
  • Objectives
  • Product Name References
  • Author Course Package
  • Server vs. Desktop
  • The Data Entry Solution
  • Data Collection Developer Library
  • Supporting Materials
  • Company Description
Lesson 2 – Survey Settings and Options
  • Objectives
  • Routing name
  • Interviewing mode
  • Keycodes
  • Preview Data Entry
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 3 – Skip and Fill
  • Objectives
  • Fill
  • Skip and Fill
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 4 – Verification Routing Modes
  • Objectives
  • Verification Routing
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 5 – Survey Design Considerations
  • Objectives
  • Survey design considerations
Lesson 6 – Deployment
  • Objectives
  • Survey Validation
  • Interviewer and Data Entry
  • Activation
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 7 – Data Entry Environment and Process
  • Objectives
  • Data Entry process
  • Configuring Data Entry
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 8 – Starting Interviewer
  • Objectives
  • Starting Interviewer
  • Console interface
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 9 – Entering Initial Data
  • Objectives
  • Batches
  • Entering Responses
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 10 – Data Entry Verification
  • Objectives
  • Creating Data Packages
  • Verification
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 11 -Exporting Data
  • Objectives
  • Export Data
  • Merging Data from Multiple Clerks
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 12 -Field Reports
  • Objectives
  • Field Reports
  • Review Reports
  • Learning Activity
Lesson 13 – Course Summary
  • Objectives
  • Next Steps
  • Post Training Resources