Course Overview

IBM SPSS Data Collection Administration Web (V7.0) is a one-day Instructor-led course that provides administrators the knowledge required to manage surveys once they have been deployed for Web data collection. Through lecture and hands-on experience, you will become familiar with the survey management environment, known as Interviewer Server Administration. They will modify the options for a given project, perform the relevant activities within a project, and close and remove the project on completion.

Who Should Attend

This advanced course is intended for IBM SPSS Data Collection administrators responsible for managing surveys once they have been deployed for Web data collection.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have completed:
  • IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring course

Course Objectives

Please refer to course overview for description information.

Course Content

Course Introduction
  • Course Objectives
  • List of Content not Covered
  • Product Name References
  • Data Collection Developer Library
  • Supporting Materials for Course
  • Company Description
Interviewer Server Administration
  • Connect to Interviewer Server Administration
  • Best practices for working within Interviewer Server Administration
  • Set Interviewer Server Administration preferences
  • Modify the state of the project
  • Assign project access to other users
  • Store projects in sub-folders
  • Lock and un-lock project access
  • Test the survey
  • Manage the survey files
  • View real time results
  • View the real time status distribution of the collected data
  • Monitor, adjust, and reference sample
  • Monitor and adjust quotas
  • Export data
  • Examine options for publishing data
  • Review interviews
  • Examine options for creating surveys
  • Examine options for creating online reports
Closing Out the Project
  • Stop the data collection process for a given project
  • Set the expiry date and time for a project
  • Backing up project files
  • Remove the project from the system
Course Summary
  • Course Objectives Review
  • Next Steps
  • Post Training Resources