Course Overview

IBM Cognos Controller: Create BI with Consolidation Data (V10.1) is a two-day, instructor-led course that covers how to use IBM Cognos Controller with IBM Cognos business intelligence tools. This course will give participants an understanding of how data from the Controller system can be loaded into a source suitable for BI reporting. Students will then learn how to use the various studios in IBM Cognos software to create useful business intelligence from this data. In addition, participants will learn how to customize the IBM Cognos Connection portal to meet their needs.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate course is intended for Authors and Application Developers that need to know how to use Controller data with IBM Cognos business intelligence tools.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have:

  • Basic understanding of IBM Cognos Controller (preferably obtained by taking the IBM Cognos Controller: Develop Applications (V10.1) course
  • Basic knowledge of group accounting
  • Basic understanding of IBM Cognos BI tools

Course Objectives

Please refer to course overview for description information.

Course Content

1: Overview of IBM Cognos BI

  • Describe IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) and Financial Performance Management (FPM)
  • Describe IBM Cognos BI components
  • Describe IBM Cognos architecture at a high level
  • Define IBM Cognos groups and roles
  • Explain how to extend IBM Cognos BI

2: Populate the Controller Data Store for Business Intelligence

  • Describe Financial Analytics Publisher and its purpose
  • Describe TM1 and its purpose
  • Set up Financial Analytics Publisher
  • Transfer data to TM1
  • Describe Framework Manager and its purpose
  • Create a Framework Manager project and publish a package

3: Create Reports in Report Studio

  • Describe Report Studio and its purpose
  • Add data and objects to a report
  • Create “statement style” reports

4: Perform Dimensional Analysis in Analysis Studio

  • Identify the benefits of using Analysis Studio
  • Create an analysis that contains Controller data
  • Modify an analysis

5: Perform Dimensional Analysis in CAFE

  • Identify the benefits of using CAFE
  • Create an analysis in CAFE that contains Controller data
  • Modify an analysis
  • Publish CAFE analyses to IBM Cognos Connection

6: Perform Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) in Event Studio

  • Identify the benefits of business activity monitoring (BAM) and Event Studio
  • Create agents in Event Studio
  • Modify agents in Event Studio

7: Customize the Portal

  • Identify the benefits of customizing IBM Cognos Connection
  • Identify ways to customize IBM Cognos Connection