Course Overview

IBM Cognos Controller: Author Reports (V10.1) is an intermediate one-day, instructor-led training course. The course is designed to teach authors, with basic knowledge of group accounting and Microsoft Excel, how to design and generate financial reports using IBM Cognos Controller. You complete hands-on demos and workshops that reinforce the concepts and tasks learned in each module.

Who Should Attend

This intermediate course is intended for authors.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have a basic knowledge of:

  • Group accounting
  • Microsoft Excel

Course Objectives

Please refer to course overview for course descriptions.

Course Content

Introduction to Reporting with IBM Cognos Controller

  • Explore report types and the role of dimensions in reports
  • Run a report based on a data entry form

Create Ad Hoc Reports

  • Create simple ad hoc reports
  • Compare the data for multiple sets of dimensions
  • Export an ad hoc report to an external application

Verify and Analyze Data for Consolidation

  • Examine the benefits of using standard reports in consolidation
  • Select dimensions to run a simple trial balance
  • Drill down on dimensions to view more details
  • View the details behind a summary account using a ledger report

Create Custom Reports

  • Create advanced reports using the Report Generator
  • Determine which dimensions to use when running a report
  • Examine reporting options available with different dimensions
  • Use Controller functions to build reports

Report on Controller Data in Excel

  • Connect Controller to Excel using the Excel Link
  • Use the Report Generator to open and create reports in Excel
  • Add Controller data to a spreadsheet
  • Refresh workbooks to show the latest Controller data
  • Examine exporting data from a workbook back to Controller
  • Design efficient multi-page reports

Run Groups of Reports

  • Examine the purpose of using report books
  • Create a report book
  • Examine input selection values
  • Examine report output options
  • Run a report book