Course Overview

IBM Cognos Statistics: Author Statistical Reports in Report Studio (V10.1/10.2) is a one-day, instructor-led course that will teach you how to create various statistical reports and interpret the results in the context of specific business use cases. Building on topics learned in the IBM Cognos Statistics: Introduction to Statistics (V10.1) eLearning course, authors will learn statistical analysis report building techniques in Report Studio. Functionality explored will include descriptive statistics, statistical charts, and process controls. You will participate in interactive demos and workshops that illustrate key concepts while learning how to use the product.

Who Should Attend

This advanced course is for Professional Report Authors interested in authoring statistical reports.

Course Certifications

This course is part of the following Certifications:


You should have:
  • Attended the IBM Cognos Report Studio: Author Professional Reports Fundamentals (V10.1) public classroom course or instructor-led online course, IBM Cognos Report Studio: Introduction (V10.1) WBTor comparable experience using IBM Cognos Report Studio.
Knowledge of your business requirements
  • IBM Cognos Statistics: Introduction to Statistics (V10.1) Vignette, or fundamental knowledge of statistics

Course Objectives

Please refer to the Course Overview for description information.

Course Content

Introduction to IBM Cognos Statistics
  • Explain what IBM Cognos Statistics is
  • Explain the architecture of IBM Cognos Statistics
  • Explain data types used in IBM Cognos Statistics
  • Explain the use of the case variable in statistical objects
Examine Descriptive Statistical Reports
  • Compare descriptive statistics and inferential statistics
  • Examine descriptive statistics (mean, count, minimum, maximum, standard deviation)
Examine Data Distribution with Statistical Charts
  • Explain histograms and normal distribution curves
  • Explain boxplots
  • Explain grouping variables
  • Explain normality tests using Q-Q plot
Examine Curve Estimation, Correlation and Regression
  • Compare categorical data and numeric data
  • Explain statistical significance
  • Explain hypothesis testing
  • Demonstrate the relationship between two variables using basic correlation
  • Explain linear and logarithmic curves in curve estimation
  • Explain regression coefficients
Examine the Means Comparison Tests
  • Explore a one-sample t-test
  • Examine the one-way ANOVA technique
Examine Nonparametric Tests
  • Perform a one-way chi-square test
  • Perform a two-way chi-square test
  • Explain the differences between parametric and nonparametric tests
Manage Quality with Statistical Process Control Charts
  • Explain control charts
  • Explore control charts
Examine Process Performance Indices, Process Capability Indices, and Control Rules (Optional)
  • Explain process performance indices (PP, PpU)
  • Explain process capability indices (CP, CpU)
  • Explain Above +3 sigma and Below -3 sigma control rules
Tips and Techniques
  • Use reporting techniques on statistical reports to filter, use calculations, and add prompts
  • Create a dashboard with statistical reports