In this course, you will gain an understanding of advanced Oracle database topics. You will take an in-depth look into Oracle’s backup and recovery architecture, advanced DBA issues, and facets of advanced database administration tasks.

What You’ll Learn

  • Back up and recover the Oracle Database
  • Create a recovery catalog
  • Use Oracle’s flashback features
  • Perform Oracle managed recoveries
  • Perform user managed recoveries
  • Identify and correct block corruption
  • Configure an ASM instance
  • Illustrate the importance of database incarnations in database recovery.
  • Utilize the advance memory parameters of the Oracle database
  • Use the database tuning advisors
  • Use the Automatic Diagnostic Repository
  • Use the Oracle job scheduler
  • Configure the database for globalization support

Who Needs to Attend

Anyone interested in becoming a database administrator or an Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional.


You need to have equivalent experience or have taken the following courses:

  • Oracle 11g: Programming with PL/SQL
  • Oracle 10g/11g Database Administration I

Follow-On Courses

  • Oracle 11g Database Backup, Recovery, and Tuning (OR250)

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Oracle

2. Oracle Database Management Products

3. Database Creation Assistant

4. Oracle Architecture/ASM

5. ASM Disks/DiskGroups

6. Managing ASM Part 1

7. Managing ASM Part 2

8. Database Recovery

9. Flash Recovery Area

10. Recovery Catalog

11. Recovery Catalog Scripts and Databases

12. Administering the Recovery Catalog

13. RMAN Backups

14. RMAN Recovery

15. RMAN Critical Recovery

16. RMAN Incomplete Recovery

17. User Managed Recovery

18. Tuning RMAN

19. Additional RMAN Features

20. Recyclebin

21. Flashback Query

22. Flashback Data Archives

23. Flashback Database

24. Oracle Advanced Memory Management

25. Automatic Memory Tuning

26. Program Global Area (PGA)

27. Database Tuning

28. Automatic Tuning Optimizer

29. Physical SQL Tuning

30. Database Impact Advisors

31. Memory Advisors

32. Oracle and Resumable Space

33. Reclaiming Space

34. Resource Management

35. Advanced Resource Management

36. Database Diagnostics

37. Database Health Checkers

38. Database Recovery Advisors

39. Oracle Job Scheduler

40. Oracle Job Scheduling Options

41. Oracle Jobs

42. Oracle Job Definitions

43. Oracle Globalization Support

44. Time Zone Support


Lab 1: Database Creation

Lab 2: Archivelog Mode

Lab 3: Archivelog and Flashback Mode

Lab 4: Database Backup

Lab 5: Create a Table Drop and Recover the Table

Lab 6: Advisor Framework

Lab 7: Create a Resource Group and Plan

Lab 8: Create a Default Schedule