5 Days

Who Should Attend

  • Service Provider Core Engineers
  • Enterprise Core Engineers


  • Implementing Cisco MPLS (MPLS)
  • Implementing Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLST) or
  • Engineers with MPLS background

Course Objectives

To gain practical experience on Advanced MPLS Technologies.
This intensive Lab workshop is based on practical configuration tasks and exercises. Short theory sessions outline the topics covered before each lab session. The theory session is intended to give a short summary about the technical topics themselves with major emphasis on practical hands on exercises.

Course Content

Equipment: Cisco 7200, 2800

MPLS Traffic-engineering

  • MPLS TE Tunnel setup
  • MPLS TE link protection
  • MPLS TE node protection
  • MPLS TE path protection
  • RSVP layer 1 based failure detection


  • Class based MPLS TE tunnel selection
  • Class based MPLS tunnel bandwidth selection
  • Implementation of QoS tools in MPLS based Carrier networks

MPLS Layer 2 VPN systems

  • L2TPv3 over MPLS layer 2 tunnel setup

Inter AS-MPLS VPNV4 peering

  • Back to back VRF setup
  • MP-EBGP between ASBRs setup
  • MP-EBGP between Route-reflectors setup

MPLS Multicast

  • Intra-AS MPLS multicast forwarding
  • Inter-AS MPLS multicast forwarding

MPLS Security

  • MPLS PE to PE IPSEC tunnel setup
  • VRF-aware IPSEC tunnel setup


  • IPV6 transport over MPLS