5 Days


Experience with and ability to configure Cisco routers and LAN switches. The knowledge gained in ICND1 and ROUTE is recommended. Knowledge of the Windows XP or later operating system is also recommended.

Course Content

In this course, you will learn how infrastructures are multicast enabled to support the efficiency of multicast business applications and services. You will learn to identify Cisco products and protocols required to implement multicast solutions in both local and wide area networks within your enterprise and beyond. You will implement services at each layer of the network to obtain membership to multicast groups in a working environment. The hands-on labs will allow you to gain experience with several multicast applications and troubleshooting tools.

Course Outline

  • IP Multicast Foundation
  • Function of a Multicast Network
  • Multicast LAN Switch Operation
  • PIM Dense Mode
  • PIM Sparse Mode
  • PIM-SM Variants
  • Redundant Rendezvous Points
  • Administrative Scoping and Filtering of Multicast
  • WAN, VPN, and MPLS for Multicast
  • Security, High Availability, and Reliability
  • Inter-domain Multicast with MBGP and MSDP

Who Should Attend

IT personnel and engineers responsible for designing, implementing, and troubleshooting IP multicast-enabled networks.