5 Days

Course Content

At first the H/W and S/W ASR9000 architecture is being covered. Further the handling of the new operation systems IOS XR regarding CLI functionality, configuration and software management are being explained. Then the various Layer 3 and Layer 2 technologies mentioned in the course outlines are being tested and configured in lab exercises after a short theoretical review session.

Course Outline

  • ASR 9000 H/W and S/W Architecture
  • IOS XR CLI and configuration management
  • IOS XR Software management
  • IOS XR User Management
  • IOS XR L3-feature configuration
    – MPLS Transport, VPN, Inter AS, CSC, TE
  • IOS XR L2 feature configuration
    – Pseudowire
    – ATOM
    – VPLS
    Manual neighbor discovery
    Automatic neighbor discovery using BGP
    – Metro Ethernet
    E-Line using cisco EVC
    E-Tree using cisco EVC
    E-LAN using cisco EVC
  • IOS XR L2 redundancy
    – Spanning Tree implementations MSTP, MST AG
    – MC-LAG and ICCP
  • LAB Equipment: ASR9006, ASR 1000, ISR 2900, ME3400