OpenStack is a opensource cloud infrastructure which is supported by major IT vendors and standards, and recognized as top cloud computing solution. We established the OpenStack deployment course  to help engineers study and practise during the course, and we designed a supporting course to help participants learn supporting technologies as Linux OS and Python   programming language, expanding the knowledge domain in open source area.

Course Duration:

5 days


Engineers and specialist who interested in OpenStack infra, and need to practice in cloud setup and deployment


OS fundamental, Programming Language Fundamental

Course Objective:

This course is a supporting course for study OpenStack Deployment Course, aim to provide    necessary basic and background knowledge and skills covering open source technology, Linux operating system and Python programming language. By study this course participants would learn Linux basic and commands, tools and editor, Python programming basic and XML/Jason processing.

Course Brief:

This course is organized as two parts, part 1 is Linux essential based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including Linux OS essential, commands and tools, management and configuration,  editor vi, also covering how to get open source software and help. Part 2 is Python programming based on Cisco NXOS embedded Python 2.75, including Python statements and syntax, OOP, modules, XML and Jason processing.

Course Layout:

Day 1:

▪ Course Overview
▪ Open Source Overview
▪ RHEL introduction
▪ Install and Update RHEL
▪ RHEL configuration and  Management
▪ Linux User Management
▪ Linux Security Management
▪ Linux Networking

Day 2:

▪ Linux Commands and Tools
▪ Linux Scripting
▪ Linux Service Management
▪ VI Editor
▪ KVM and Virtualization

Day 3:

▪ Python Overview
▪ Install and Configure Python
▪ Python Style and Syntax
▪ Process Control and User Input

Day 4:

▪ Python Data Structure
▪ Access and Modify Files
▪ Char Processing and Regular  Expression
▪ Function and Class
▪ Object Oriented Programming

Day 5:

▪ Modules and Packages
▪ Web Service and Restful Interface
▪ XML and Jason Process