OpenStack is a opensource cloud infrastructure which is supported by major IT vendors and standards, and recognized as top cloud computing solution. We established the OpenStack deployment course  to help engineers study and practise during the course, and we designed a supporting course to help participants learn supporting technologies as Linux OS and Python  programming language, expanding the knowledge domain in open source area.

Course Duration:

4 days


Engineers and specialist who interested in OpenStack infra, and need to practice in cloud setup and deployment.


Linux OS and Virtualization, configuration and editor, Python fundamental, network and routing essential, storage essential.

Course Objective:

This course is a hands on OpenStack deployment course, aim to help participants study and   practice OpenStack deployment, after study they can build, setup OpenStack cloud computing  infra, troubleshooting and configure OpenStack manually, manage tenants and resource by  dashboard.

Course Brief:

This course will cover following content, cloud computing essential, openstack background and trends, openstack structure and components, build and setup openstack environment, configure and troubleshooting openstack components.

Course Layout:

▪ Cloud Computing Essential
▪ OpenStack Background and  Development
▪ OpenStack Technical Infra
▪ OpenStack Components
▪ Build and Setup OpenStack
▪ OpenStack Dashboard
▪ Cloud Management Essential
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Supporting Components
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Image
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Volume Storage
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Network
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Compute
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Object Storage
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Dashboard
▪ Install and Configure OpenStack Celemeter
▪ Expand OpenStack Infra