Configuring BIG-IP® v11: VIPRION

This one day course provides network professionals with a functional understanding of the BIG-IP® VIPRION chassis platform.  This course includes an overview of chassis platforms, hardware options, configuration of Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP) and virtual CMP (vCMP) deployment options.  This course includes lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs and discussions.

Course Description

  • VIPRION chassis and blade hardware options overview
  • Installation, license and setup of the BIG-IP® VIPRION System
  • Configuring Clustered Multi-Processing (CMP)
  • Configuring virtual CMP (vCMP) host and guests
  • Inter and Intra High-Availability
  • Lab Projects


Prior to attending Configuring BIG-IP on VIPRION, the student must have attended one of the following courses or passed the following exam:

  • Administering BIG-IP v11
  • Configuring BIG-IP LTM v11
  • Changes in BIG-IP LTM v11
  • TMOS Administrator Certification Exam