2 days / 16 hours

Day 1

Review of agenda and objectives of the seminar
Evolution of Data Center Strategy: Cisco UCS-Mini
Automation & Management
Positioning UCS-Mini
Uni ed Computing
Business Applications
Update INTEL
Programs, Smart Plays, Bill of Materials

Day 1 (Lab)
UCS Mini, initial system con guration

Initialize Cluster
Best practices
High availability
Definition of Pools, policies, VLANs & Templates

Day 2 (Lab)
Service Profiles: templates, mobile and generation

Troubleshooting and opening KVM to install ESX
Setting LUN Masking LUN Mapping & Storage Systems
Review of storage options
Stateless exchanging Blades and Rack Server
Installing Center installation DC, two host high, visibility Shared Data Store
ImportingVMs.Working with VMs
Port Groups
Configuring motion
UCS Management Suite