Certification Mapping

1) Certified Administrator

2) Certified Developer

Course Duration

5 Days

Target Audience

Participants who want to become Certified Administrator or Certified Developer

High Level Plan

Day Topics
1Fundamentals and Security
3Visualforce Pages
4Apex and Controllers
5Communities, Salesforce1 Overview and General Project Discussions

Day Wise Plan

Day 1

Introductions and Overview

General Overview of Salesforce

Getting Around the App

Data Model and Navigation

Help & Training


Setting Up and Managing Users

Managing User Profiles

Managing Users

Security and Data Access

Restricting Logins

Determining Object Access

Setting Up Record Access

Creating a Role Hierarchy

Dealing with Record Access Exceptions

Controlling Access to Events

Managing Field-Level Security


Day 2


Administering Standard Fields

Creating New Custom Fields

Creating Selection Fields: Picklists

Creating Selection Fields: Lookups

Creating Formula Fields

Working with Page Layouts

Working with Record Types and Business Processes

Maintaining Data Quality

Creating Custom Objects

Master Detail Relationships

Rollup Summary Fields


Day 3

Enhancing the User Interface Using Visualforce

What is Visualforce?

Creating a Visualforce Page

Parts of Visualforce page

Static Resources in Visualforce

Visualforce Design Recommendations

Applying CSS to a Visualforce page

Using JavaScript and AJAX to extend Visualforce


Day 4

Additional Discussions

Custom Controllers

Controller Extensions

Real Life case Study





Day 5


Salesforce1 Overview

Manulife Big Picture

Workflow Rules