Duration: 5 Days    40 hours

This Bootcamp was designed for integration of Cisco ACI in existing Cisco Data Center. Service migration without interruption.

In the first part of this course, the basic elements of management ACI is needed to cover the details on configuring ACI with Network Centric approach.


Provision Initial APIC Cluster Configuration

Out Of Band (OOB) & Access Policies Configuration

VPC Verification Tasks

Configuring RBAC support for the Fabric

Configure ACI Tenants

Configuring Application Profiles

Configuring VMM Integration

Configuring External L2 Connectivity

Connecting a L3 Outside using OSPF

Connecting a L3 Outside using EIGRP

Network Centric: Integrating ACI with legacy network stacks

Integration with ASAv

Configuring ANP Using POSTMAN