2 Days / 16 Hours

Day 1

Overview of Cisco Hperconvergence to whom it may concern
Overview of Cisco HyperFlex Launching
Business opportunities
Architecture Cisco HyperFlex
Simplifying Data Center
Real innovation
Demand for a new solution
Cisco UCS components HyperFlex
VDI Solution Sizing
Hyperconvergence in Cisco UCS
Hyperflex HX Series
Independent Scaling
How will the data be
Resiliency and Recovery
Optimization of Data
Cisco HX Data Services
Simplified management
Operation Services Platform Cisco HX
Use cases
Sales HX triggers
Smartplays of HyperFlex
Smart Bundles

Day 2

Initial ESXi Parameters
Installing vCenter
HX Data Platform Installation
HX General Administration
HX Plugin Working with GUI and CLI
HX Troubleshooting

Commissioning of UCS Cluster
Global Setting UCS System
Definition of Pools、Policies、Templates
Creating Service Profiles from Templates
Installing ESXi