This course is a 2 days practical session to study and implement the docker container. As a revolutionary container technology, docker created a new perspective of virtualization hence greatly improved application/service scale out and cloud computing solution. The course will cover docker’s background and concepts, tools and frameworks in virtualization/cloud computing ecosystem, step by step application implementation and scale out, image and repository management, eventually build up a enterprise application service solution.


Course Outline


Docker Introduction

Lecture: Docker concept and background, benefits and user cases.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization Ecosystem

Lecture: How docker works with OpenStack, Vagrant, Chef and Puppet

Installing the docker engine

Lecture: Operating System choice and preparation

Lab: Install and configure docker service

Image Management

Lecture: Docker registry, docker hub and dockerfile

Lab: Create image with dockerfile

Repository Mangement

Lecture: Repositry management

Lab: Push image to docker repository


Docker Resource Management

Lecture: Mount volumes for container

Lab: Mount volumes for container

Application Management

Lecture: Provide service by container

Lab: Expose ports

Docker Security

Lecture: Security Issues and Isolation

Docker API

Lecture: Docker Python API