Course Duration:

5 Days


Basic knowledge of the following:
• Cisco Prime Infrastructure
• Cisco Identity Services Engine
• Metageek Channelizer Software
• Voice Signaling Protocol
• Basic QoS
• Application Visibility and Control
• LAN Switching

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn how to design a Cisco wireless network from initial customer contact to post-deployment activities. In addition, you will learn to use the appropriate tools to assist in wireless design and management. This course is targeted toward wireless network engineers with at least three years of experience in the networking field.

The Cisco CCNP Wireless certification addresses the need for designing, implementing, and operating Cisco wireless networks and mobility infrastructures. CCNP Wireless certification emphasizes wireless networking principles and theory.

What You’ll Learn

• Customer Wi-Fi design process
• Design for data coverage
• Design for voice and real-time applications
• Design for location and Cisco CMX
• Design for Wi-Fi beyond the enterprise campus
• How to conduct a site survey


Module 1: Determine Customer Wi-Fi Design Process
• New and upgrade designs
• Determine the type of wireless design
• Voice coverage and real-time applications
• Existing documentation and important information
• Meeting with the customer

Module 2: Design for Data Coverage
• Common business and technical drivers
• Cisco associated standards, capabilities and features
• Cisco AirOS and Cisco IOS Software considerations
• Plan and design for RF
• Deployment models
• Campus considerations

Module 3: Design for Voice and Real-Time Applications
• Verticals and real-time applications
• Cisco capabilities
• RF planning and design
• Cisco AVC and QoS

Module 4: Design for Location and Cisco CMX
• Cisco BYOD and CMX technical drivers
• Cisco CMX ecosystem analytics and development

Module 5: Design for Wi-Fi Beyond the Enterprise Campus
• Outdoor networks, Mesh, and high density
• AP Placement

Module 6: Conduct a Site Survey
• Access and safety concerns
• Initial evaluation
• Predictive planning
• In-depth site survey
• Post-deployment survey

Who Should Attend

Wireless network engineers with at least three years of experience in the networking field.