Participants should have IT background especially in IT infrastructure (data center, networking, sysops) to understand related scenarios , basic knowledge of Cisco UCS and Nexus products. Programming background is helpful, not mandatory.

This course is aim to help engineers get familiar with Python programming language. The course will introduce the Python programming environment setup, Python programming essentials, flow control, input and output, and expand Python by modules and packages. By introduce modern object oriented programming, the course will also discuss the ACI object model for OOP model. The course will also discuss Python code adopted Cisco SDK and API to further utilize UCS and Nexus programmability, and Openstack Python API to support OpenStack programmability.

System Engineers and IT service engineers, sales engineers, professionals interested in IT infrastructure management by programming python and Cisco Data Center product programmability.

Location & Date
Beijing | Mar, 25-27, 2015 | 3 days

Course Outline
● Programming Languages
● Python Overview
● Why Python
● Python Implementation in Cisco
● Python Installation and Environment
● Modern Programming Tools, CLI and IDE
● Python Programming Essential
● Input and Output

● Flow Control in Python
● Functions, Modules and Packages
● Object Oriented Programming
● Handle Exceptions

● Parsing XML and Jason
● Nexus 7000/9000 API for Python ACI Object Model
● OpenStack API for Python