Course:CPSCDS – Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10: Designing Services
Duration:4 Day Hands-on Lab & Lecture Course



The Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 Designing Services instructor-led course is a lab-intensive course that introduces you to Cisco Prime Service Catalog Release 10.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog software is a self-service portal that allows users to order and manage any type of IT service, from the data center to desktop. The service catalog software lets IT standardize and consolidate a wide array of services, and it gives end users a self-service shopping experience. It also standardizes, unifies, and automates delivery processes for data center and workplace services.

The Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 Designing Services course teaches you how to design and configure services, service items, portlets, and basic integrations in Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10. You learn how to use the service designer, service item manager, portal designer, and service link modules to develop a service catalog, as well as how to use the service catalog, order management and service manager modules to submit requests and fulfill service delivery plans. You gain an understanding of service design and configuration best practices, and learn to configure, test, and deploy services and simple integrations.

This course combines lecture materials and hands-on labs throughout to help ensure that you are able to successfully design and configure Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 to create a self-service IT service catalog



Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Plan a Cisco Prime Service Catalog implementation
  • Configure a service catalog that includes service forms, and service items and integrations, plus ordering, approval, and fulfillment processes
  • Configure Cisco Prime Service Catalog to reflect unique organizational structures
  • Access and incorporate Cisco Prime Service Catalog data to enhance the content provided in notifications, during service fulfillment, and throughout service management
  • Administer roles and permissions to provide role-based access control throughout Cisco Prime Service Catalog



There is no required knowledge or training prerequisites for this class.


Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone responsible for using Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 to design and configure IT service catalogs. This course is a required prerequisite for the Cisco Prime Service Catalog 10 Advanced Service Design and Development training. The primary audience for this course includes:

  • Service designers
  • Business analysts
  • System integrators and professional services personnel



      Module 1: Requesting Services and Fulfilling Service Requests
      Module 2: Service Configuration Best Practices
      Module 3: Configuring the Service Foundation
      Module 4: Reference Data and the Data Model
      Module 5: Configuring Services
      Module 6: Configuring Service Forms
      Module 7: Configuring Delivery Plans
      Module 8: Configuring Authorizations
      Module 9: Namespaces and Email Templates
      Module 10: Unit Testing and Troubleshooting
      Module 11: Portal Design and the Service Portal
      Module 12: Next-Generation Service Catalog User Interface
      Module 13: Introduction to Integrations and Service Link
      Module 14: Web Services Integrations Using Service Link


Lab Outline

      Lab 1: Lab Access
      Lab 2: Service Request, Approval, and Fulfillment
      Lab 3: Service Definition
      Lab 4: Service Items and Standards
      Lab 5: Dictionaries and the Data Model
      Lab 6: Active Form Components
      Lab 7: Delivery Plans
      Lab 8: Authorizations
      Lab 9: Unit Testing
      Lab 10: Namespaces and Notifications
      Lab 11: Portlets and Portal Pages
      Lab 12: Next-Generation Service Catalog User Interface
      Lab 13: Basic Integrations
    Lab 14: Web Services